65% off with the bonus for the energy-saving.
42 years of experience, Italian manufacturing, innovation.
A great company with a winning disposition…
Fixtures are increasingly a furniture choice.
LemboInfissi has got the solution for your needed; Aluminum/wood, wood/aluminum or PVC fixtures.
Fixtures have got a design for every style.
Lembo Infissi is proposing several different possible solutions.
You can choose fixtures with or without frame, internal or external slats.
Choose your favorite one and costumize it.
We realize fixture and hardware since forty years for our customers.

Lembo infissi

Our story was born during the Italian economic development. Luigi Lembo made a company for the metal working in province of Salerno, and soon this company would be very appreciated for its work’s quality.
Even if the position was not strategic, he was able to take over the International Market. Then the interior design Pasquale Lembo arrived few years ago in the company and brought with him a wind of change and innovation.