Lembo Infissi: a successful story since 1960s.

Our story was born during the Italian economic development. Luigi Lembo made a company for the metal working in province of Salerno, and soon this company would be very appreciated for its work’s quality.

Even if the position was not strategic, he was able to take over the International Market. Then the interior design Pasquale Lembo, arrived few years ago in the company and brought with him a wind of change and innovation.

Lembo Infissi produces every kind of fixtures, for both insides and outside since 40 years now. We do know that hardware are very important in all the environments. For this reason our Company uses the processing and the materials typical of the Made in Italy handicraft.

The FIAT G-91 was the symbol of the Italian engineering and the Lembo’s family were very passionate about its glorious deeds; that’s why they decided to use that plane as a symbol of their company. They bought a FIAT G-91 and they put it outside the Company. The plane flies over the production lines since years.

Lembo Infissi and the story of his Fiat G-91.

Lembo Infissi: design hardware and advanced technology.

We can realize every kind of fixtures and hardware, thanks to our experience in the world of design. Our specialists help customers to choose the best solution to answer their needed. When the project is ready, costumers and specialists decide the materials.

We use advanced technology to produce aluminum hardware, wooden or iron fixtures. We can guarantee about the high quality of our products.