Reinforced doors

When we talk about security we have to talk about the reinforced doors. Our Company realizes Exterior doors according with the EU standards. Those standards establish the performance of the reinforced doors and also the thermal resistance, the acoustic insulation and the fire integrity.

We can offer different types of reinforced doors based on your needed.

  • Reinforced door with single or double shutter;
  • Reinforced door with front or side glass;
  • Arched reinforced door;
  • Reinforced door with no visible locking mechanism;
  • Reinforced fire doors;

Reinforced doors class 3 and 4 according with EU standards.

All our reinforced doors are made according to the EU standards, class 3 and 4. They have a mechanical opening, double lock, European cylinder and keyless entry.

Our doors use the following techniques:

  • Counterframe;
  • Frame;
  • Perimeter structure;
  • Paneling;
  • Door Handle;
  • Bar to stop the drafty;
  • Spy-hole;
  • System to avoid the opening of the door with slim cards.