Ecobonus 65

As in the past years, this year it also would be possible to use the ecobonus 65. In this way you will able to detract costs of energy requalification made from 6 of June 2013. However from 1 of January 2018 the detraction 65 will be reduced to 36% planned for ordinary renovation works.

Works allowed for the detraction 65

The detraction 65 only allowed some kind of renovation works. They can improve the level of energy efficiency of the building. In particular you can replace:

  • Windows: thanks to the insulated windows you improve the thermal efficiency of the building;
  • Doors: also the doors as the windows can be a thermal bridge, so the replace of the doors improve the thermal efficiency too;
  • Ventilated curtains side: they improve the energetic efficiency of the building;
  • Hardwood floor: the installation of this kind of floor can reduce the thermal dispersion.

Who can benefit of the Ecobonus 2017?

The owner of the house to renovate can use the bonus. They will be:

  • The owner;
  • The residents;
  • People who live with the owner;
  • Professional association;
  • Public or private bodies who do not carry out commercial activities;
  • People who have a real right on the house to renovate;