Energetic efficiency

When we talk about energetic efficiency we mean a better use of the energy. In this way we can use less energy and save much money. We have 2 ways to save energy:

  • Avoid the waste of energy
  • Use renewable energy.

Energetic certification of buildings

This kind of certification establish architectural standards with regard to energy saving.
We have to look at the thermal insulation of the building, insulation, heating, cooling systems, brightness quantity, warm water.
We can classify the efficiency of the building thanks to these parameters.
The energetic certification is made up of 10 energy classes; from the best one to the least.
In Italy we have: a4,a3,a2,a1,b,c,d,e,f,g.

Perché si chiamano pareti ventilate?

Energetic efficiency: how to improve the energetic efficiency.

We have a lot of solutions to improve the energetic efficiency; for example the ventilated curtain side that reduce the thermal dispersion.
We can also use thermal cutting fixtures to reduce thermal bridge and improve energetic efficiency.
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