They protect from extreme heat and cold, they isolate from noises, they ensure security and let the light come in. That’s why the choice of the fixtures is very important. Windows, shutters and the others hardware in the house do not have only an aesthetic function, although it is very important. Anyway a good fixture has to answer to specific needed. An high quality fixture has to be strong and durable; it has security standards, an acoustic and thermal insulation.

Lembo Infissi produces:

  • Insulated doors and windows
  • Aluminum fixture with cold cutting
  • Wooden aluminum fixture
  • Aluminum wooden fixture
  • PVC windows

Fixture can decorate your home

At the same time, fixtures can decorate your home. For this reason our company can offer you a range of personalizations and different materials. We can suggest: oak, ash, cherry, poplar, maple, teak, larch and rosewood. Thanks to the possibility to personalize fixtures you can be sure that there are no fixtures like yours.