Scopri gli infissi in alluminio-legno di Lembo Infissi!

Aluminum wooden fixtures

The aluminum wooden fixtures are a practical and adaptable solution. This kind of fixture are good in every climatic conditions in fact they offer a good thermal insulation. Furthermore they are perfect with all type of furniture.

Aluminum wooden fixtures. Doors and windows made to design.

Aluminum wooden fixtures are not static.
They have to be able to adapt to the needed of our customers; that’s why we offer a wide range of special trim. We can suggest: oak, ash, cherry, poplar, maple, teak, larch and rosewood.

Our Company is able to offer the inlay for your doors and windows, you can also personalize the corner of your fixtures.
At the end of the process you can be sure that there are no fixtures like yours.

Personalizzare gli infissi in alluminio legno