Iron processing

In all the metal processing, the most appreciated is the wrought- iron. That’s why we also realize wrought-iron fixtures as:

  • Wrought-iron doors
  • Wrought-iron gate
  • Wrought-iron window guards
Lembo Infissi produce anche infissi in ferro battuto
Artigiani nella lavorazione del ferro battuto

Let’s see how the wrought-iron processing takes place.

First of all we have to organize the processing. We must have all the exact measures. Only in that way we do not have problems in our second step: the cutting.
Once we have our metal pieces in their right size we start with the forge. The temperature is 1832°F to make the metal flexible and easy to process. We use anvil, hammer and jackhammer to bind it. The last step is the finishing and painting of the fixture.