Diamo importanza agli ambienti con le lavorazioni di carpenteria metallica

Metallic Carpentry for construction.

We work in the metallic Carpentry area since 40 years. We started with iron and aluminum and we are now able to work also new materials. With a good know how and skill gained in this area, we realize in short times, structural or complementary part of building construction. We are also able to realize painting, assembly, mounting and installation.

The philosophy of our metallic carpentry.

Our aim is to give importance to the environment. We use our experience in this area to do that.
We have three fundamental issues:

  • The choice of the best materials;
  • The use of the best technology;
  • The use of specialist in this area.

Working in this way we grow up more and more and we become a benchmark in this production.

Siamo specializzati nella carpenteria metallica a Salerno