The Veranda

The Veranda is a kind of winter garden, where you can live the nature without going out from your home, protected by a resistant structure, waterproof and acoustic insulated. We take care about the choice of the materials. You will have an amazing place where you can spend your time alone or in a good company.

Aluminum Exterior Veranda

Our structures always are in aluminum. That’s why they can be completely recycled. Thanks to its propriety the aluminum gives a big space to the glass. Furthermore the aluminum can have every colors and it can create a personalized environment based on the design thought for your veranda.

Winter Garden, the nature at home

A winter garden is a place where you can spend your time surrounded by nature while you are comfortably at home. Our winter garden can guarantee the best acoustic and thermal insulation. You will obtain a silent and intimate environment, warm in winter and fresh in summer, it will improve your comfort and relax.