Ventilated curtain side

The ventilated curtain side or ventilated curtain wall is a particular system used to increase the thermal insulation of the buildings. It uses panels in different materials on the surface of the buildings. In this way it will have an crawl space where air is free to go through improving the thermal insulation of the building.

Energetic Efficiency of the ventilated curtain side

This structure protects the building from the summer overheating and from the heat dissipation during the winter. In this way you will have the ideal temperature for the perfect comfort.
Otherwise, thanks to its qualities this kind of structure prevent the effects of condensation.

Perché si chiamano pareti ventilate?
Le facciate ventilate possono anche arredare un edificio

The advantages of the ventilated curtain side.

Thanks to this structure you have a lots of advantages, first of all in the design phase. The panels used have a good relation between weight and rigidity. Furthermore it is easy to comply with EU standards about the energy saving. The panels are recyclable. The maintenance of this structure is very easy and economic.

Aesthetic advantages.

From the aesthetic point of view we can combine tons of different materials and colors to create ventilated curtain side. The ventilated curtain side can be modeled in 3D giving a new architectural feature to the building.

Con una facciata ventilata migliora l'efficienza energetica dell'edificio